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Reception of Sacraments
It is very important that any student who is attending any school which is not a Catholic school and wishes to receive the Sacraments of Baptism, First Penance, First Holy Communion, or Confirmation must be a registered participant in the PREPI CCD program for at least two years. No one can “just jump in” to receive the Sacrament without completing the necessary preparation.

Seven Sacraments of the Holy Catholic Church

Prep Program/CCD for 2014-2015
Applications for students to attend the 2014-2015 classes of religious instruction and sacramental preparations are being accepted. Please contact Nativity Rectory at 215-739-2735 during business hours for an appointment to register your child. Registration fee is $40 for one child and $65.00 for 2 or more children. A recent Baptismal certificate for each child and registration fee is required at the time of registration.

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