Emergency Contact


Requesting a priest

Nativity BVM’s Rectory is staffed Monday through Friday from 8 AM until 5 PM (except from 12pm-1pm), on Saturdays and Sundays from 9 AM until 1 PM. During these hours you may call the main number, you will reach a member of the staff who will take information about the nature of your emergency and get in touch with the priest on call.

During hours in which the rectory is not fully staffed, please call the emergency number 215-739-9577, in which case, one of the priests would pick up the phone to assist you.

Funeral Arrangements

When your loved one dies, the family should call the rectory for prayers and support. When you have your appointment with the funeral home, the funeral director will call the rectory to make arrangements for the funeral Mass.

The preferred time for the Mass is 10 AM. Once the funeral is set, the rectory staff will contact the organist and arrange for altar servers for the funeral. We will also  help you with choosing the readings and music for the liturgy.

The funeral home is your liaison between the family and the parish; they will be very helpful to you in easing the burden of the arrangements.

 Communion of the Sick

If you are unable to attend Mass due to an illness or physical infirmity, please call the rectory to make arrangements for an Extraordinary Minister to contact you and set up a schedule for you to receive communion. Parish priests make visits to the sick on a monthly basis, or by Extraordinary Ministers on request.